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Motifs and Senche Leopard- New Crown Store Additions

Illusive Lucy / Apr 14, 2015 / News


Hello Guild!

Hope the start of the week is treating you well!

Motifs now available in the Crown Store
Last night's patched dropped a couple of surprises into the crown store. The biggest of these is that all current lootable motifs are now available for purchase. Yes, this includes the super rare ones like Imperial and Dwemer.

Motif costs

Crown Motif: High Elf (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Ancient Elf (1,500 crowns)
Crown Motif: Argonian (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Barbaric (1,500 crowns)
Crown Motif: Wood Elf (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Breton (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Daedric (1,500 crowns)
Crown Motif: Dark Elf (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Dwemer (5,000 crowns)
Crown Motif: Imperial (5,000 crowns)
Crown Motif: Khajiit (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Nord (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Orc (200 crowns)
Crown Motif: Primal (1,500 crowns)
Crown Motif: Redguard (200 crowns)

Senche Leopard
Also is a new fancy senche leopard. Like the tiger, but, er, more leopardy. Rest assured, if you ride this around you will be, wait for it, easily spotted!

Utility Consumables
Finally, a number of handy consumables are now available. Skill and attribute respecs, as well as the Ring of Mara, are now available for you to throw your money at.

Utility Costs:
Skill Respec Scroll (700 crowns)
Attribute Respec Scroll (700 crowns)
Pledge of Mara (1,000 crowns)

What do you think about these new additions? Good? Bad? Have your say in the comments below!


Personally. I don't think it's a huge deal. 5000 crowns is about $50. I don't love any motif THAT much. Well, except for Yokudan, but that's not available yet (Don't get any ideas Zenimax!)
*be (sorry).
If you were really sorry you wouldn't have done it *shakes head sadly* Bright side though, it means you read the pun!
Also, I'd like to buy some in game money so I can pay Moh back.

Personally I don't like the motif thing, it offends my capitalist sensibilities (and ability to sell the motifs I have for a decent price).
From my perspective it means I can throw money at ZOS instead of grinding endless hours to be a gold slave for people like Moh ;)

It WILL make them money though. So in a sense, that's pretty capitalistic... for them ;)
Oh no.... My Senche Tiger is now irrelevant.... Thanks a lot Zenimax
Well, personally, I have no problems with any of the new things on the crown store. I probably won't buy any of them though. Unless XP potions come out I'm probably just going to save my crowns for something big and shiny that will likely come out. Like housing or something like that.
No to all the motifs and utilities, except for the pledge of Mara. I think that's nice you can buy that for crowns ^_^.

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