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ESO E3 Trailer - Imperial City and Orsinium

Illusive Lucy / Jun 15, 2015 / News

In case you missed it, because it was kind of overshadowed by all the Fallout 4 hype, Orisinium and the Imperial city were teased as part of Bethesda's E3 presentation.

Of course WE KNOW that wasn't all that was teased....


Oooh, I like the look of the city! And Orisinium looks nice! Rather like Markarth (?) in Skyrim. I KNOW I'm looking forward to that ^_^
I'm glad they are finalllly delivering what they announced what seems like years ago now!! :D
God, it seems like SUCH a long time...
I'm actually not seeing a lot more than what we saw last year from the upcoming trailer. Maybe there are actual NPCs in Orsinium and the Imperial City. But I remember seeing Clockwork City last year and it's not here now.

Oh, well, my Orc templar will be getting a bear mount when they come out. :D
Yea, the "We Know" hand at the end is what got me the most excited (as a NB sneaky assassin type).
well lets hope they deliver at least all of this this year as they said :)
does this mean new solo vet 14 content ???
It sort of does! The content in Orsinium will be V14, but if you are not V14 you will be scaled to that level when you enter - sort of like battle leveling in Cyrodiil.
We know
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