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Imperial City Announcement!

Illusive Lucy / Jul 16, 2015 / News

The Imperial City is coming, finally! On the 31st of August, the Imperial city will finally be released! Imperial City DLC game pack will be coming to PC/Mac on August 31st, Xbox One on September 15th, and PlayStation4 on September 16th

Imperial City Launch Details

Features! Intriguing features! What do they mean?

  • All content is available to players that are level 10 and up
  • A brand new PvP/PvE space, including the six Imperial City Districts
  • New quests and key characters within the Imperial City
  • One new Imperial City PvP Public Dungeon: The Imperial Sewers
  • Two new PvE Imperial City group dungeons with Normal and Veteran versions: White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison
  • The Tel Var Stone system
  • 23 completely new Veteran Rank 16 item sets, only available in Imperial City
  • Treasure Vaults that contain new Veteran Rank 16 set jewelry and a chance for even rarer finds
  • Xivkyn racial motif style
  • New collectibles only available in Imperial City (pets, polymorphs, and a costume)


It's a combo of base pack and DLC - and the DLC will cost 2500 crowns. The DLC is the Imperial City, but here's what everyone gets:

  • 15% decrease in the amount of XP it takes to gain a Veteran Rank
  • 100% more XP for all public dungeons
  • 50% more XP for all Veteran Rank quests
  • 20% more XP in Craglorn
  • Veteran Rank increased to 16
  • Racial Passive improvements
  • Mundus Stone buff improvements
  • Glass racial motif style
  • Improvements to existing item sets
  • The ability to hide mount visual upgrades
  • New crafting skill line passives
  • New Undaunted pledges
  • Tons of combat and gameplay balance changes
  • Improved end-of-campaign Alliance War rewards

Tel Var Stones are lootable currency in the Imperial City. Holy smokes, they really want us fighting in the streets before they unleash the Enforcer skill line in Tamriel...
Yes, those stones sound really interesting! I suspect the things you buy with them will be bound, but if not, I foresee I'm going to need new bank space for my collection of junk
WOOT!!!! This sounds soo fab! 31st August hey ^_^. 6 weeks away. I may have to stop leveling my alt so she can play in the non-vet campaign.

I'm a bit out of practice for PvP. Might be time to throw myself back in.

How much does 2500 crowns work out to be in real money? (Though I have the crowns anyway.

I'm wondering if you'll always have to fight your way into the city, or once you discover the wayshrines in there you can just transport straight in? It will have to be a balance I think... Imagine having to fight your way through every time you just wanted to run a dungeon...
3000 crowns is $25.00, which isn't bad for the content if you don't subscribe I guess! I'd much rather spend them on that than a new mount!

If your alliance controls the city you can port directly in I think!
finally.. a year later than it should have been :))
most changes sound really awesome.. we'l see how it goes ^_^
Looks amazing!! But ill be in Greece when its released!!! :(
If you're already subbed you dont have to pay for the new content?
Yep, if you're a subscriber you have access to all new content for the length of your subscription. So if you don't want to keep your sub up, buying the expansions with the monthly crowns you get could be a good investment.

And have a great trip!
Probably not going to get it...nothing that really interests me anyways :P And have a good trip Saint :)
My understanding is $25 gets you 3000 crowns, so you're looking at dropping at least $25, Icy. Cheaper than a six-month sub, though you can sub for two months and use the crowns you get there to buy the DLC outright after your sub is over.

The IC armor is bind on equip, Lucy, so they can be resold in guild markets.

My big question is this - the Tel Var Stones are bankable. Does that mean they can be mailed? And will there be safe banks in the IC?

They are going to test entry requirements in PTS. "Everyone always has access" is one option. "All home keeps held" is another, and so is "all home keeps + 1 enemy keep" is a third. I forget the fourth. The entry becomes available once the condition is met alliance-wide. But as I recall, you are not booted from IC if the condition becomes unfulfilled. You can always port to group dungeons in IC once you find the entry. I imagine they will keep track of if you port there or if you go in the front door! However, I think ducking into a group dungeon will become a quick way of gaining enough safety to mail your Tel Var Stones to a guildie. A guildee you trust... :D

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