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Orsinium has arrived!

Illusive Lucy / Nov 05, 2015

Hello Debaucherous party people! Orisnium has arrived (finally!). The new area and quest lines are available for subscribers, or for purchase in the Crown Store.

Hope to see you all in game very, very soon!


If anyone wonders what my cryptic shout-out means, yes, we run into Stibbons and Lady Laurent again. Poor Stibbons! And I ran across Rigurt the Brash, too! I ran right over and grabbed his quest line - it's pretty sweet.

Actually, I've enjoyed all the quests so far in Wrothgar. It feels like they haven't just been sitting on this content. It feels like every time someone had a spare hour or two, they ran over and added more to Wrothgar. This DLC is well worth the cash.
Oh cool! That sounds perfect
There is just not enough time in a day for all these games, ughh.!
I've been having a blast in Wrothgar! The delves are beautiful. The World Bosses are unique and challenging. It's nice running around in a zone and seeing people everywhere all the time too.

If you are running around and see I'm online, hit me up for anything.

I haven't found this yet, but someone posted a picture at the official forums:

Interesting hint for adventures to come...
Logged on to do some exploring last night and spent the first 5 minutes in Wrothgar fishing at the top of a waterfall :)
LOL, finally found some time away from other games and I can't even try the new DLC as i don't have enough crowns :(

I have been hooked on the fps pc game Warframe, still have not finished fallout yet :(

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