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ESO - The Year Ahead

Illusive Lucy / Jan 13, 2016
Hello guild! A belated Merry Christmas, Festivus, New Year, and Life Day (It's Christmas for Wookiees!)

It's a new year for ESO too! Matt Firor has written a year ahead post detailing the changes and new additions coming this year. Thieves' guild will hit the PTS in February, with the Dark Broktherhood arriving in the second quarter. Unfortunately it's not all good news, with the PvP aspect of the justice system being scrapped and spellcrafting on the back burner.

You can read the full article here ESO - The Year Ahead

Closer to home, our Guild is nearing another birthday! Check out Myka's post on the state of the guild, and chime in with what you want to see going forward!

Thanks for being part of the Debaucherous Tea Party!

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This is what comes from having a bookmark on the forums page. I miss this front page stuff. There's a Theives Guild preview over at the official site now!

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