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Illusive Lucy / Mar 12, 2015 / Event

Hello guild!

This weekend we'll exploring some of Tamriel's toughest challenges with group dungeons and the Dragonstar Arena. If you've got any interest in either of those, let us know in the thread I've handily linked >>here<<

Also include the times you'll be available so we can try and get together people of a similar level and goal. For now though, consider the time tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 11am AEDT, Saturday 8pm EDT, Sunday 12am GMT/UTC.

Dragonstar Arena is a 4-person PVE arena where the part faces off again increasingly difficult waves of enemies in increasingly hostile environments. It will put your skills to the test for the chance at unique item sets and rewards. The arena is accessible to any VR level character capable of accessing Craglorn, and is designed to be challenging for even the strongest of players.

This will probably be our final event before the game goes Buy-to-play on the 17th, so join us and bid a fond farewell to the Tamriel you know and love, and prepare for the whole new world* that is Tamriel Unlimited!

Hope to see you there!

*Same world.
Myka (jcap) / Jan 22, 2015
Hi Guild,

Due to unfortunate RL scheduling issues for many involved, I've decided to fill the gap with a casual afternoon of ESO for anyone that wants to play with their guildmates, get to know each other, and simply have fun in a small (or large) group. Whether that be PvE or PvP related - we will all decide at gathering!

Click here to Sign-up

For reference event will run for as long as people want. Tentative start times approx:

Fri, 23 Jan: 9PM (EST)
Sat, 24 Jan: 3am (CET)
Sat, 24 Jan: 1pm (AEDT)

Note - This is a temporary thing, due to aforementioned scheduling issues. However, if this is something people want to see more of on a casual weekend every so often during the month (and even at different times) - drop me a line in the comments!
Illusive Lucy / Jan 02, 2015

Hello Guild, and Happy New Year!

Our first guild event of the year will be a romp through Craglorn. If you're new to the quests, or just want to get some ticked off, please register your interest! The Only requirement is that you're VR1 and able to access Craglorn via the NPC in Mournhold.

Below is our proposed time. If you can't make it, but would love to experience Craglorn, please respond in the comments with time that works for you and we'll try to accommodate that!

7pm (EST) Saturday // 12am (CST) Sunday // 11am (AEDT) Sunday

Please be online and ready in Craglorn a little before the start time if you can, it makes things easier for everyone.

If you've never joined one of our event before you can check out the calendar guide and the mumble set up guide on the sidebar to the right. Mumble isn't a requirement, and you just want to listen and not talk, that's more than fine too!


Last year was a lot of fun, and with the changes coming to the game this year, it looks like things are set to get more exciting! Thanks for joining us in our adventures, and we can't wait to have new ones with all of you in the future!

Happy new year,

Myka and Lucy
Myka (jcap) / Dec 26, 2014
Just a quick message to the guild: MERRY CHRISTMAS / Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday, with family and friends (and us if we catch each other online naturally!).

Guild Events will return to normal scheduling in January! But you are more than welcome to partake in the mid-week events if you find you want some ESO action during the holidays. Of course, you can always gather a group together whenever you desire!

Justice for all
Leading on from our Christmas Party: We decided as a group that there would be two roles coming up in the new year when the new justice system emerges!

1) The King or Queen of Thieves!
2) The Captain of the Guards

These two people will head up the two groups that are incoming within the guild - The Thieves Guild, and the City Guard. We will take full advantage of the justice system to craft some exciting (and fun!) events for us all to enjoy. Lucy and myself will participate as well, but we will also craft a storyline for those interested in following one! Of course you can, as always, simply show up and do your part when time allows!

We might yet find out who the best thieves / defenders of the law are!

If you would like to be in the running for either role let us know! Start campaigning on the forum! (The pub will do nicely!).

So far we have had the following raise their hands for candidacy:

Guard Captain Candidates
Icy, Onyx-One-Eye, Matthios

Thieves Guild King/Queen Candidates
SaintMurray, Matthios

Address your comrades or fellow thieves, tell them why you should lead them into the dawn. Start your campaigns! And if anyone else wants to put their hands up as a candidate - by all means, start your campaign (we'll add you to the lists!). The Captain of the Guards will be duly elected, whilst I'm sure the Thieves Guild will have their own moot in the coming weeks...

(More details on election/moot dates in the new year!)

Illusive Lucy / Dec 18, 2014

Hello Guild!

I’m very pleased to announce a jointly run event brought to you by your Guild Council and mentors to celebrate Christmas as a Guild! We’ve had many good times together since the guild was created all the way back in Beta as just a way for like minded players to hang out while we tried out the game.

Since then it has grown to, what I feel is, a delightful social guild with the ultimate aim of having fun - whether your poison is PvE, PvP, or a bit of both!

To celebrate the guild, and the holidays, on the 21st December 2014, 2:00PM (AEDT) / 20th December 2014, 10:00PM (EST) I invite you all to gather in Windhelm. Come dressed as Christmas Elves (Being an actual elf is optional, just try and outdo the others in combinations of christmas-y colours!) and bring a gift worth no more than 1000g that will be swapped with others at the event - unless you really want to spend more but it’s not necessary!

Click here for details!

There will also be a horse race through Eastmarch and Windhelm as part of the party! Find the details here!

In addition to that we have two special christmas initiatives to spread the holiday cheer and - naturally - gifts!

We are running a secret santa activity! For those that don’t know what secret santa is… basically everyone becomes a secret santa and is assigned a person to give a gift and message to. Everyone that participates will naturally get a gift/message themselves.

To preserve the anonymity (part of the fun is figuring out who your secret santa is - especially if they give you cryptic clues in their message too!), all Secret Santas will give their gift/message to Lucy after they find out who their lucky giftee is.

Sign-up and Details!

As part of our Christmas Party - we are offering a raffle prize draw to be drawn during the party event!

To partake in the Christmas Raffle - Send 500g per ticket to Myka (@jcap7) in-game!

The prize is a secret muahaha.

Update: The estimated Total Worth of the prize in gold is: 30k


You’ve all been an excellent guild the past year, and we thank you for it.

Happy holidays!

Lucy & Myka, xx
Illusive Lucy / Dec 15, 2014

Hello guild!

Our first ever postcard contest was very difficult to judge. We got a lot of outstanding entries, but in the end we narrowed it down to a very tight top three.

Third place goes to Draesuns, who wins 5000 shiny gold pieces!

Second place goes to Moh who now has 10,000 gold in her pocket!

First place goes to Sevatar! Congratulations, your Ancient Elf Motif will be in your mailbox soon!

Thank you to everyone who entered! We will have more competitions soon, so keep checking our forums!