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Illusive Lucy / May 30, 2015 / Event

Hello Guild!

Two exciting events this weekend! As usual, make sure you set your timezone using the guide on the right to see the events on the calendar in your local time.


On Saturday, 2pm AEST, we head to wilds of Craglorn once more. Drop on by for some group questing and content. To see the event in your local time, check the calendar or follow this link.


Want to steal everything that isn't nailed down? And some stuff that is? Join La Lochezia in Mournhould, and loot everything you see! To see this event in your local time, follow this link!

Have a great weekend!
Illusive Lucy / Mar 12, 2015 / Event

Hello guild!

This weekend we'll exploring some of Tamriel's toughest challenges with group dungeons and the Dragonstar Arena. If you've got any interest in either of those, let us know in the thread I've handily linked >>here<<

Also include the times you'll be available so we can try and get together people of a similar level and goal. For now though, consider the time tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 11am AEDT, Saturday 8pm EDT, Sunday 12am GMT/UTC.

Dragonstar Arena is a 4-person PVE arena where the part faces off again increasingly difficult waves of enemies in increasingly hostile environments. It will put your skills to the test for the chance at unique item sets and rewards. The arena is accessible to any VR level character capable of accessing Craglorn, and is designed to be challenging for even the strongest of players.

This will probably be our final event before the game goes Buy-to-play on the 17th, so join us and bid a fond farewell to the Tamriel you know and love, and prepare for the whole new world* that is Tamriel Unlimited!

Hope to see you there!

*Same world.