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About Debaucherous Tea Party (DTP)
Debaucherous Tea Party Guild Charter

An AU/NZ friendly international community focused PC guild
We play on the US server. All factions are welcome. However we fight for the Ebonheart Pact in Cyrodiil!

The Debaucherous Tea Party (DTP) Guild was originally formed by a group of like minded beta testers of The Elder Scrolls Online, from Australia and New Zealand which desired to play and enjoy Tamriel with other people from similar timezones. We also hailed from the Sanguine's tester group so crafted our name with an appropriately Sanguine-like association. Having said this, DTP welcomes all players regardless of timezones, locations, or real life time commitments.

Tenets of Debauchery
While actual debauchery may vary, with the name more due to association with Sanguine than actual debaucherous scandal (of course I could be understating… who knows?), we at the Debaucherous Tea Party (DTP) follow these core beliefs:

  1. Above all, have fun: We are not a hardcore progression guild. We are a community of players that simply want to have fun together and experience the game with like minded people without the pressure of constant progress. We win or lose together, and ultimately have fun together.
  2. Spend as much time as you are able: We recognise that many of our members have real lives to deal with, while not as fun and awesome as Tamriel, still just as important. It is okay to limit your time in-game, whether it be your studies, your job, or even family and friends that take up your time. DTP shall never penalise anybody for the amount of time they are able to put into the game.
  3. The community is only as great as the group: We are a community that loves to laugh, have fun, and chat to one another while we play. As a group we help each other when we are able, whether that be with quests, dungeons, or simply making deposits into the guild bank.
  4. Everyone is different, but still awesome: We don’t discriminate, regardless of gender, age, time available, real life circumstances, jobs, sexuality, disabilities, religion and other beliefs. The Debaucherous Tea Party is first and foremost a fun community for all members.
  5. Keeping it tight: We don’t want to be one of those massive guilds where no one knows each other. We are community focused. We don’t just let anyone take tea with us, we won’t recruit people who are disruptive, abusive, or unsuitable just to build our membership base.

What do we get up to?
The Debaucherous Tea Party aims to spread its wings throughout Tamriel, whether that be through PvE, Crafting, or PvP for the Ebonheart Pact in the heart of Cyrodiil. Regular guild events will be scheduled for both PvE and PvP purposes. All we ask is that if you sign up for an event that you try to be available, we completely understand if real life gets in the way but just let us know! We aim to include all members in our events as much as possible – if times are weird then we will try to accommodate!

Where do we come from?
DTP started off as a group of likeminded Australian and New Zealand beta testers from the Sanguine group that simply wanted to play the game with others. From those humble beginnings we expanded from a concept to a full blown guild! While a large number of our members are from the AU/NZ timezone, we accept members from all over the world. Come join us in our crazy timezones and our shenanigans! As long as you're on the NA server, you'll be able to find us!

We recruit for all factions, across the world.

Joining the Debauchery!
It’s very easy to join! Simply sign up to our guild site and complete a quick application: and then someone from DTP will get in touch with an invite if we like what we see! Note: All new recruits are subject to a two week trial period.

We don't discriminate when it comes to age. Old or young, if you know how to have fun and with others and not at the expense of others, you're the kind of person we want in our guild.