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Code of Conduct
TL:DR There is no Too Long:Didn't Read, because you must read these rules.

The Debaucherous Tea Party Forums are for sharing information, organising events and creating a community within our guild. Chat or comms in game is for coordinating play and creating community. Because of this, we have some rules about posting in the forums, chat, and voice comms.

In joining the Debaucherous Tea Party, you agree to abide by these rules. Breaches of these rules will result in a written DM warning from a member of the council. Three breaches are grounds for eviction.

  • No flaming – Do not insult other members, their opinions or their grammar
  • No trolling – Do not bait other members into arguments for your own entertainment or to embarrass them
  • No discrimination – Do not use discriminatory remarks in the forums, on chat, or on comms, even in a joking manner. No discrimination is permitted in DTP, due to any reason, including (but not limited to) gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or age
  • No bullying - Do not bully other members. Don't make them feel bad about themselves or how they play the game
  • No swearing/cursing – Do not swear or curse at other members or about other members. Swearing in general is not prohibited but doing so in a hostile manner is. Remember that DTP is open to members of all ages
  • Privacy - Do not reveal information publicly that could identify you personally, including (but limited to) your last name, your postcode or your phone number.
  • No Pornography - Do not post or link any content in the forums or chat that could be considered pornographic. If you're not sure, don't post it
  • Don't be negative – Keep your communication positive, friendly and constructive. Being negative just to be negative is not allowed in DTP
  • Think before you type - Jokes are great, but both sides need to appreciate the joke or it's not funny. Remember, banter goes back and forth; abuse goes one way
  • Something to consider: Sexual innuendo and jokes may be funny for some, however it can and will make others uncomfortable. If in doubt, don't. That isn't to say you can't make jokes in a private group with your friends that do also find it amusing, but remember that guild chat, forums, VoIP and other forums you may be representing DTP at are not private domains. As a rule of thumb avoid crude innuendos in public, think of your fellow guild mates. If you think it may cause offence to anyone then it's best to leave the joke for private chats.
  • Conduct yourself in the wider ESO community as you would in the guild. Respect your fellow players and remember that they too want to enjoy the game. Members who purposely perform an activity for the sole purpose of ruining another's gaming experience will, on case by case merit, be strongly considered for expulsion from the guild.

How to deal with a breach of THE RULES.
If you see a breach of rules:
  • Talk with the person who has breached the rules privately, through a direct message or a /whisper, not on a public channel
  • Explain calmly and without emotion how they have breached the rules
  • Be specific
  • Use words like "when you said that you made me feel..."
  • Ask them not to do it again
  • Ask for an apology

If that doesn't work (either because the person doesn't understand they've caused a problem, or because it happens again):
  • Contact a Council member with what happened, when it happened, what you did to fix it, and what happened after that
  • Include forum links (if you're worried, take a screenshot), chat logs or other evidence. Get a witness if it happened on comms

A Council member will then contact you if they feel they need more information. Otherwise they will contact the other person involved and try to either resolve the situation or issue a written warning if required. The Council member will then contact you to tell you the result, but not the details. Anyone who has three written warnings will be evicted from the guild.

The Council also reserves the right to immediately evict someone from the guild if they deem the breach of THE RULES is particularly severe. Immediate evictions will only occur if there is a majority agreement from the Council.

If you're not happy with the way the Council member you contacted has handled the issue, contact another Councilor and explain why you are unhappy and what you'd like done. The Council will discuss the issue amongst themselves and let you know their decision.

These rules are to keep our happy, debaucherous guild a place where our members feel welcome. Remember, how you behave within and outside the guild reflects back on all of us. If in doubt, simply treat everyone else how you wish to be treated and we're golden!


Feb 23, 2014 - Code of Conduct posted based off post
Mar 10, 2014 - Change referred to in post included.
Mar 10 2014 - Spelling error referred to in post corrected (manor to manner).
Mar 24, 2014 - Code of Conduct updated to include sexual innuendo is not appropriate.