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The Council

The Debaucherous Tea Party (DTP), while slightly mad and loopy, does have some form of organisation! Shocking, yes? Most of the Council discussions will be in the public domain so that all members can participate in discussion regarding the guild itself. After all, we are in this together!

The Council is a group of guildies that have graciously volunteered their time towards assisting Myka (The Guild Master) in the administration and organisation of DTP. Myka herself loves it when the community gets involved and you'll regularly see public discussion regarding Guild happenings and so forth that you, as a member, can partake in regardless of any Council status! The Council is organised by function, i.e., there will be Council members that deal with the war in Cyrodiil for instance, and Council members that deal with various PvE aspects.

Guild Leader
Hi, I'm Myka!

I've been playing MMOs for many years now and have been part of the leadership team for various guilds - mostly specialising in community focused guilds either large or small. MMOs that I have been involved in are Ragnarok Online, Guild Wars 2 and now The Elder Scrolls Online. I've also been just a normal guildie in various other MMOs so I know just what it's like on 'the other side' and always aim to openly communicate and involve the guild where I can. I'm a huge fan of the TES series and feel that ESO is an MMO that finally genuinely makes me bubbly with excitement (actual bubbly drinks possible too). I'm generally a gamer that enjoys RPGs, Adventure games, and any game with a good story to tell - even if I'm bad at it!

My aims for DTP are to create a fun community where players from all walks of life can enjoy themselves, share their moments with other guild members, and work on the game together without the high pressure of constant progression or any sort of 'elite mentality'. Whether you are skilled, unskilled, have a lot of time for the game, or only a little bit of time - you are all welcome in my mind.

Other things I do? I lead a fairly active life having dabbled in such things as netball, fencing, tennis, and hockey. I'm an avid reader and go everywhere with my Kindle, I'm also a hobbyist writer that simply enjoys writing and letting my mind explore - maybe one day I'll write a book! When I'm not doing any of that, my spare time is split between real life and catching up on my tv series!

Guild Admin + Web Page Genius
Lucy, Lazy Lesbian Librarian. Enjoys sarcasm and coffee. Dislikes talking to strangers and excessive sunlight. Snarkily obsessive, obsessively snarky.

I read all the books, and watch all the shows. Most of what I like you haven’t heard of; I’m so underground I might as well be a Dwemer.

Community Team

The Community Team will commonly be seen out and about spreading the good word of Sanguine! Jolly yes! They are, along with the Guild Master herself, the go to people for initial questions about the guild. Along with the GM and admin, the team will also ensure we are inviting like minded players into DTP and ensure the integrity of the community as a result. Finally, the Community Team is responsible for ensuring the community continues to be a fun and non-toxic environment for all!

Should you have any issues with other members, the Community Team are the people that can handle this on your behalf should it warrant, for example, a breach of the code of conduct.

Team Members

Icy - Representative at ESO Official forums
Icy's been a gamer since she was wee and small,
When she first played Labyrinth upon her Commodore 64.

Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim played a lot,
And Elder Scrolls Online looks to come out right on top.

She does IT and reads her books and loves her pretty shoes.
She drinks her tea, debaucherously, and keeps up with gaming news.

She's a gamer and geek, she's a normal and a nerd.
But don't put a box around her, they're just a bunch of words.

Sevatar - Representative at Tamriel Foundry
I have been playing MMOs for about 10 years, primarily World of Warcraft though I have dabbled in WAR Online, Aion, SWTOR and Rift. In my earlier years I was a hardcore raider and member of various 'gear focused' guilds. But with age comes wisdom (though sometimes age comes alone...) and now, in my early 30s I find the company I keep makes a game far more enjoyable than shiny epics ever can.

I'm in no way an Elder Scrolls lore expert (there are other in the guild far more qualified), but I do have quite a lot of experience with melee DPS, ranged DPS and healing in end game raids along with organised PvP strategies and dynamics. Although ESO somewhat 'breaks the mold' of traditional MMOs, I am more than happy to provide answers and advice to members who are new to the MMO world. Remember, the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked!

My only expectation as a member of The Debaucherous Tea Party is to be treated with the same respect that I show toward other members. Skill, experience and gear will always come second to a supportive and fun community in my books. Share victory, share defeat!

On a personal note, I enjoy Warhammer 40K novels, tattoos (I have a lot), arrow to the knee jokes and single malt scotch.

PvE Team

The PvE team is the team that plans and organises PvE events for the guild to enjoy! If you have any suggestions, be sure to get in touch with either of the members!

Led by: IllusiveLucy

Team Members


About Bya...

PvP Team

The PvP team is the team that plans and organises events in Cyrodiil for the guild to enjoy! If you have any suggestions, be sure to get in touch with either of the members!

Led by: Sevatar

Team Members

Ah saint, our resident PvP fanatic and able PvP captain on the ground. Proper bio coming soon ;)